Sunday, March 15, 2009

Undomestic Goddess

So as many of you know, or are about to find out, I am not so great around the house. My blog about my fear of gas stoves and knives may have given you the slightest glimmer of that idea a few days ago (although tomorrow night I am cooking a glorious dinner of vegan ribs, organic corn, and buttermilk biscuits. Anyways, thats besides the point. Just felt the need to brag before completely embarrassing myself.). I was the little girl who thought parading around with my feather duster was down and dirty cleaning and putting away the silverware was an exhausting afternoon of doing the dishes. I never had really put much thought in to how they got done, I was a whimsical child and my best guess was it was probably all thanks to a magical dish washing fairy. Sadly, I can't say as I aged I found out the dish washing fairy wasn't real (well, I have this suspicion that it may be my dad... but, how crazy is that?!). I had more important things to do with my time than laundry or vacuuming or any other domestic mystery. So when I found this video tonight, I found a kindred spirit (and when I found it I swear I wasn't searching how to do dishes out of idle curiosity... I swear....). 

Fellow undomestic goddesses, rejoice! I have found an informational guide for us!

How To Do Dishes In 1 Min - For more amazing video clips, click here


Ez said...

Oh my word... that video was made for me! Thanks for sharing it. And vegan ribs... wow. Do you have a recipe you could divulge?

Appleschloss said...

The vegan ribs were from the cookbook Vegan Vittles which I found on . It is such a great cookbook, I've never tried anything bad from it! : )

Little Town Tea said...

Hey Amy,
Yes I did get your card. That is how I discovered that people were unable to leave comments on my blog. I was wondering why no one was leaving comments... Anyhow, when is the tea place opening? Where? Same location? No, I have not been to the new location of our favorite little boutique. Maybe once the tea place opens we can have a girls day.