Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Girls Day!

Today was very eventful! Ali and I have been talking about wanting to go to the Turlock flea market for awhile now but since it opens at the crack of dawn and I'm a sleepy head so it took a long time to get the oomph to go. So I crawled out of bed at 6:30 AM and drove to turlock. I saw it was on East Ave (right by one of my favorite thrift stores) and that isn't the best area of Turlock, which is so sad because it's a beautiful neighborhood filled with old sweet homes. As soon as we got going and turned the corner we saw two women trying to push an enormous pick up truck so my mom stopped and asked if they needed any help and we got out and helped them push, then the woman across the street from us drives up and gets out too, when in moments we had that truck moved. Us girls in the "hood" are pretty darn strong! So after that little ordeal, I gave Ali a call, woke her up, and told her I'd be a couple minutes late because we'd been rescuing some neighbors! When we finally got to turlock, it was in just as scary a neighborhood as I had guessed. So I call Ali to tell her to wait to get out of her car until we can meet up with her, but instead I get her sister because she accidentally left her cell at home. I go in to a panic because the place is mobbed and I'm not seeing her cute little prius anywhere near. Finally my mom and I park down the street and hike it in when I see a familiar back in front of me...I called out "Ali!?!" and thank the Lord it was here... we were all freaking out! No one likes to be lost without cell phone in scary parts of Turlock.

We were pretty discouraged when we first walked in, I was listening to air musique (the french radio station) on XM on the drive there imaging it would be like the Paris flea market (ok well I knew it would be nothing like it but I was hoping!). Instead I should have been listening to the Spanish channel because at first it looked more like little Mexico, which was fun too! Just different than the antique shop owner I met in monterey told me it would be. She drives 3 hours at 4:00 in the morning just to come to this flea market so she gave me high hopes! Once we got past the stands of veggies, socks, and contact lenses I found the treasures! I found the coolest pendant and cabochons (which I've already made something out of!), and these super retro wall hangings (some of which I'm spraying white and putting up for sale on Bungalow and the rest are going on Appleschloss!). My mom found this amazing Danish (which is our heritage) table cloth, it's been well loved but it'll be beautiful when my parents remodel the kitchen. It's white with blue embroidered seagulls on it, perfect for how the kitchen will be decorated!

After we scoured through the market (which I eventually began to love) we headed over to this amazing retro diner Latif's for breakfast. It was like a trip back in time! So cute! Once we were satiated we wandered around downtown turlock looking for the bakery who's sign we could see out the window. Sadly they had gone out of business but on our hunt we found my new favorite store, Vintage Rose Interiors. I had a field day in there, it reminded me so much of Anthropologie. I bought a sweet little card, and these gorgeous recycled grocery bags for my grandma and aunt, of course I couldn't help but pick up one for myself too. They were just so unique, very feminine and my whole family loves beautiful eco friendly finds! So I think they will make the perfect Christmas present. It's a husband and wife who own the store. The husband and store mascot (a tiny little dog in a basket named Winston) were working there today and they couldn't have been more welcoming! Fresh coffee offered, beautiful free gift wrapping, I'll be back there often! That is just the kind of store I dream of opening. Everything in there is on my Christmas list now!

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Julie Christenson said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about our store. I have a couple of people who have been so kind in their blogs. It is really appreciated. Glad you survived the crazy bad parts of Turlock. Come by again sometime soon. Julie Christenson - Vintage Rose