Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thoughts of a sick girl

So I'm stuck in bed sick with the worst cold and my laptop is my big source of entertainment (that and leaving the window open, enjoying the fresh breeze, and trying out my future career as a neighborhood gossip by listening intently to everything I can catch my fellow 209ers saying... but anyways, thats besides the point). My real point was, I've exhausted myspace, facebook, etsy, stalking random profiles on myspace, you get the picture. After getting an e-mail from urban outfitters that said "Dear Amy, we hate you so we're holding our annual yard sale this week that we know you love while you're sick. ha ha. Enjoy thinking about all the fabulous finds you could have picked up between '$10-$20' if you weren't sick with the devils own cold"... or something along those lines. Well... after my heart shattered in to about a million pieces I decided to comfort myself at urban out(wait.... someone is talking outside... what was that?!)fitters big sister store. My soulmate of a store. My one true love. Anthropologie.

How amazing is this top? I mean really... with a pair of little white shorts and these shoes...

oh and then if I was going to decide to go on a spontaneous vacation somewhere fabulous for the weekend I could pack my new fabulous shirt in this!

I'm pretty sure all of these goodies would instantly heal me! I can't swear to it but I'm 99% sure.

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