Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Career Options?

So today I've been struck with a few possible career options and these are the top 3...

Scientist: More specifically a disease curing scientist.... I decided that would be awesome this morning. I could really see myself doing that. The world would be a much better place without disease! I'm pretty sure it will just happen as soon as I become a scientist... I mean I'm already half way there.... I'm a social scientist. I just need to stop being so social and get down to bizz.

Country Western Singer: Well... ok it's true... I really don't love country music BUT I think I have Jolene by Dolly Parton down pat (that is one countryish song that I just adore). Plus I've been developing this love for big blonde hair.... I'm using my scientific ways to learn to make it bigger every day. I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Chocolate Truffle Maker: Lets just say this... I make Godiva look like a fraud!

The girls in class told me I was way to chipper and cheerful and positive to be a social worker..... so... looks like thats out and one of these is in. Any votes? Possibly I could do all 3! As I'm curing someone's disease I'll sing them Jolene and then hand them a truffle as a parting gift!

I think it's all solved! Now what major would this be under?

1 comment:

Crossmyheart said...

i vote for Truffle maker! that's only cuz I love chocolates..