Friday, February 27, 2009


So I am at home, sick yet again, cursing the names of all who come to class sick (not that I know their names, but if I did, oh would I be a'cursin them). I just don't get it, well I mean I guess I do, but I most certainly don't agree with it. I understand it can be a challenge to not come to school for 2 weeks while a cough lingers on, I wouldn't expect them to go to those lengths. All I expect is that if you're coughing so much that I mistake my favorite sociology class for a TB ward.... just go ahead and take it easy for a few days. No need to be a hero, most professors will gladly update you on what you missed so they don't have to catch your freak cold themselves. Have some respect for your fellow people in the class room for goodness sake!

Colds are contagious for the first few days. It's not brain surgery to figure out how to stop spreading them.

Thats all.

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