Monday, February 16, 2009


Today I started my 4th spring semester, the semester they suggest you should graduate. Because I fall madly in love with every subject... and I've switched majors more times than I'd like to admit, it looks like I'll have a couple semesters left which in all honesty is just fine by me. I like exploring my options, and today in class a good share of us announced that we were lingering in school awhile more to pick up another major as long as the economy is this bad. It was kind of a relief to hear so many other people have the same plan I do. I was feeling a little adrift not having a solid plan, I have more of a solid feeling. It's hard to explain, it's like I have all these images, sounds, feelings in my mind of what I want to do. I come up with so many different ideas but they all pretty much revolve around the same feelings. The only job that fell outside of that vibe was to be a health educator... however after I tried out the medical sociology class tonight I'm thinking that's not for me after all. Instead I would LOVE to own my own shop, work for Anthropologie as a buyer, work for an amazing magazine like (RIP Domino) or Real Simple, be a stylist, anything like that... it's like I have all this creativity that wants to come out but it's going in every which way. In addition to creative things, I also love Anthropology, Archeology, and Sociology.... which I guess I could tie in to that in some strange way. I'm trying not to push myself to pick too quick. Someone once told me do what you love and it'll all work out. I think that is so true, you only live once. I feel so happy where I am right now with my business and my life and all that good stuff : ) I think I'll just keep goin where I'm goin and see where it takes me! No need to rush in to a masters program I'm not crazy about, no need to pick a major I hate just because it seems like the right thing to do.

Every time I watch this video I think "Oooh that is just creepily me"... it might help this whole crazy blog make more sense : )

Feist - Mushaboom

On a side note.... I had the greatest late valentines day today/yesterday : ) Matthew gave me the cutest gift from my very favorite antique shop! I'll post some pictures along with all my vacation pictures as soon as I get enough energy to get them off the camera : ) haha

Anyways! There's my rambling thoughts for the day... it's so hard writing sometimes, I'm never sure what I'm saying is coming across the right way... this whole thing was said in the most cheerful optimistic tone : )

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Little Town Tea said...

Hey! Nice blog. Glad to see that you are writing. Glad you watched Harold and Maude. It is fantastic. Thanks again for yesterday. I have my bracelet on right now!