Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Items!

So I've been quite crafty getting ready for handborn! Here are a few of the latest additions to Bungalow!
The Adaline Veiled Headband... Perfect for a blushing bride!

Violette Dress Gloves... Made from 1940's gloves and embelished with antique doily pansies

Buttercream Necklace... Makes you feel like you're wearing the icing on the cake!

The "Oh My Deer" Frame and vintage deer figurine print!


Shut up! Magazine said...


I am very interested in featuring some of your hair pieces in Shut up! Magazine ( Please e-mail me at


Little Town Tea said...

Is this the deer framed picture that the woman's friend would not let her buy? It is very cute my blog buddy.

Appleschloss said...

That is the same print! Good memory missy!