Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life in the forest

Nothing feels more like winter than being at my grandparents house in the woods! It's so beautiful no matter what window you look out of it's filled with trees and soft sunlight. Thank goodness for that sunlight today since we kept loosing power due to the tiny storm we had this morning. Me and my grandma stayed inside making headbands and necklaces while the rest of the family was outside splitting wood for the colder months! I did slip outside to snap a few pictures of them working though as proof that the Californians can get ready for a Minnesota winter! When it got too cold to take anymore pictures my grandma and I came back inside and she took a box down filled with antiques to show me that will one day be mine. I wanted to take home this tiny little plate that's about 100 years old to hang on my wall that I've been working on. I'm just too nervous to bring it on the plane, if it got smashed I would be devastated! After all the wood was split us girls headed out to scour the craft shops for material and silk flowers. We had a very successful mission! I ended up with yards of chiffon and veiling plus more ranunculus stems than I can count! I think I'm set with plenty of crafting supplies for the rest of my 10 days here (plus I have all the goodies in my grandma's craft drawers). On the way out of hancock the woman told us it was supposed to snow tonight. I got all giddy!

Anyways I should be off to sleep, I'm going to my grandma's gourmet group luncheon tomorrow at 11:00 and since I'm still on CA time that feels like 9:00 to me! I need to be up nice and early so I don't have to fib about not having eaten breakfast 30 minutes before I got there!

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