Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Post!

So I'm excited, Appleschloss now has it's very own blog! A blog which will probably be interspersed with all my cooking photos, room redecorating, and fabulous finds!

Above is our sweet Petite Ribbon Candy Necklace... I made it last night during my veronica mars marathon (such an addicting show by the way... so sad it's canceled!) and I'm so in love with it now! It really goes with everything, wear it to class or out on the town... it's very versatile! I made a few larger pleated ribbon necklaces too out of this beautiful sage and cream ribbon! It's so nice to have my assistant Margaret (my calico kitty, also my 
little sister) to supervise the ribbon folding and investigation of vintage items waiting to be listed! She's a good helper for Appleschloss! Speaking of vintage items...we were featured in Vintage Indie over the weekend in their Vintage + Modern Mingle article! Our fabulously retro coffee and tea mug was the item of choice for the feature and it sold a few hours after it was in Vintage Indie! Be sure to check out the article! Vintage + Modern Mingle= Mother's Day Gifts Coffee or Tea?



If this were a blog comment it would contain the words, "cute," "cutesy" and "cutilicious!"

It would also say something like, "Oh 2 The 2 Em 2 The Gee!!! Am I your first comment!!! Cherry-poppin good luck on your blog!!"

If it were a blog comment, that is.

lily eden said...

you're a lil cutie!! enjoy blogging!! so far so good!!